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Kerrie Hurrell - Remedial Massage therapist


Remedial massage

Introducing Kerrie, our Diploma qualified remedial & sports massage therapist with 14 years experience across Australia, working with clients (children to adults) to deliver results that to relieve stress, release pain or tension, improves moment, sleep, relaxation and general wellbeing.

Remedial and sports massage is a therapeutic style of massage ranging from relaxation to deep tissue focused on improving circulation and mobilising stiff joints.  It is an effective treatment for common conditions such as headache, jaw, neck or head tension, pre or post sports preparation, pre or post pregnancy and recovery from injury or illness. 

Depending on your level of activity (or inactivity), remedial & sports massage is an effective evidence based treatment. 

Trigger point release

Trigger Points are hyper irritable bands of tension in muscles that cause referred pain and restricted movement. Releasing these painful points can relieve headaches and release jaw, neck, shoulder, back or leg tension resulting in better range of motion.  Trigger Points can be relieved using massage therapy or Dry Needling.

Myofascial release

Myofascial release is a gentle stretching technique which focuses on lengthening the layer of connective tissue surrounding muscles. Depending on the level of muscle tension, Myofascial release is a non-evasive technique used to release stiff, sore or tired muscles. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling thin filiform needles (much thinner than those used in injections), which are inserted into the skin to stimulate and release a myofascial trigger point. Dry Needling is an effective way to release deeper levels of stress and tension in muscles.

Health Fund rebates available

You may be eligible for a health fund rebate, depending on your level of cover.

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